Show me the code: how to publish your research software

What the event covered

The role of research software in science is more important now than ever. Researchers often develop their own software and use it to generate, process, or analyze results. Plus, software can be a valuable research output on its own. Other researchers can improve or adapt the software for new purposes, or apply it in their own projects whilst giving credit to the creators.

Yet, when it comes to publishing research software, researchers in the software community can face several challenges.

In this webinar, Demitra Ellina and Joseph Dunn shared how researchers can publish their research software in ways that maximize the benefits for themselves, the wider research community, and other users.

Play the recording to uncover:

  • How to share your research software through non-traditional article types

  • How to boost the visibility, reach, and reproducibility of your work

  • Preliminary guidance on software data sharing

  • Relevant case studies from F1000 

This webinar was organized for research software engineers who are new to open research publishing, but researchers across all subject areas are invited to watch the recording on demand.

About the speakers

Demitra Ellina is an Associate Publisher at F1000 which she joined in 2017 after working in journal development at Springer Nature. She is a strong advocate of Open Research and engages with the research community to raise awareness of the F1000 publishing venues.

Joseph Dunn is a 1st Class Astrophysics Masters holder and an Assistant Editor in Physics at F1000, having always wanted to work close to the cutting edge of Science and Engineering.

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The speakers

Black and white headshot of Demitra Ellina.

Demitra Ellina

Associate Publisher at F1000

Black and white head shot of Joseph Dunn.

Joseph Dunn

Assistant Editor at F1000

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