Strategies for successful publication in open access

What the event covered

Publishing open access means that researchers become a part of a community that is embracing a more transparent research process. It also means that all research outputs including data and code can be shared, and the researchers behind them are credited for their work. Articles can be published more rapidly, without restrictions, and be assessed transparently through open peer review processes. All these elements combined enhance trust and build a responsible research culture; the benefit for researchers is that it increases the impact of their research and the opportunity for collaboration with the researcher community.

This session covers open access models, licensing, how to choose a journal and avoid predatory ones, manuscript preparation, the submission process, and how to navigate peer review.

After watching this event, you will have a good understanding of what you can expect during the publishing process.

About the speakers

Diksha Awasthi’s role is focused on nurturing partnerships and providing author support within India region. Prior to joining Taylor & Francis, Diksha worked as a Fulbright Scholar and teaching assistant at University of Utah. She has over 4 years of experience working in the education sector.

Kay Burrows is a Senior Content Acquisition Editor at F1000. She collaborates with researchers worldwide to run Open Access collections (virtual special issues) in materials science, chemistry and physics. Her research background is in chemistry and materials science, with a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Leeds, UK focusing on the design and synthesis of functional materials from transition metal complexes, and two post-doctoral research positions in self-healing polymers and anti-viral infection control materials.

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The speakers

Diksha Awasthi

Business Liaison, F1000

Kay Burrows

Senior Content Acquisition Editor, F1000

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