Letter to the Editor

A guide for authors submitting to the Expert Collection

The Expert Review and Expert Opinion series welcomes Letters to the Editor commenting on any article published in the journals.


To ensure the rapid publication of your letter, please address the following points:

  • The letter must be a maximum of 1500 words (excluding references).

  • Please use a maximum of 15 references (one being the article under discussion).

  • Please do not include any figures or tables in the letter.

  • Please include your name, address and contact details in your letter.

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To ensure your response to a published article is timely, please submit your letter as soon as possible after publication of the original paper and the Editors will endeavor to include your letter in the next issue of the journal.

All letters submitted to Expert Series journals are subject to review by members of the Editorial Board. This is to ensure that only letters of high quality and sound scientific principles are published. The Editorial Board members are not expected to comment on whether or not they agree with the content of the letter.

Once the letter has been accepted for publication the author can expect a galley proof.

It is at the Editor’s discretion whether or not to publish the letter. The Editors reserve the right to abridge and edit the letter in any way necessary. We will not publish responses, for example, that are, or appear to be, obscene, libellous, in some other way illegal or incomprehensible.

Author response

All Letters to the Editor will be sent to the author of the original article, who will have 28 days to provide a response to be published alongside the Letter.


You will be asked to transfer copyright to Informa UK Limited following acceptance of the letter for publication.