Meeting Reports

A guide for authors submitting to the Expert Collection


Meeting Reports aim to summarize the most important research presented at a recent conference in the subject area of the journal.


It is not usually feasible to attempt comprehensive coverage of the conference, as presentations are frequently too numerous for each to be done justice. The author should focus on those presentations that are most topical, interesting or thought-provoking.

Word limit

The word limit for Meeting Reports is 1,500 words (not including abstract, conference details and references).

Every article must contain

Title, date and location.

An overview of the meeting (approximately 100 words; 120 words maximum).

Should include summary of important presentations by particular speakers, with particular reference to novel drugs and therapies in development.

The Expert Opinion and conclusion section also allow the summation of the meeting, together with your opinion and discussion of the overall event with reference to some of the more exciting research areas.

Please note: No figures, tables or boxes are permitted in meeting reports.

200-500 words.

A maximum of 20 references is suggested. Ensure that all key work relevant to the topic under discussion is cited in the text and listed in the bibliography.

Reference to unpublished data should be kept to a minimum and authors must obtain a signed letter of permission from cited persons to use unpublished results or personal communications in the manuscript

Please note: No figures, tables or boxes are permitted in meeting reports.

Financial disclosure and acknowledgements

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