Ordering print copies of your journal article

What are Article Reprints?

Article Reprints are printed copies of an individual article that all authors of that article can purchase once it reaches production.

How do I place an order for Article Reprints?

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You can request a quote by completing this form and selecting ‘Author Article Reprints’ from the dropdown list.

Please note that the minimum order for Article Reprints is 50. You can download and print the PDF if you need fewer than 50 copies.

If you have any queries or problems please email the Taylor & Francis reprints team.

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You can also place an order for the full journal issue where your article is published. Complete the contact form and select ‘Purchasing a copy of a journal issue’ from the dropdown list.

Sharing your research data can be hugely beneficial to your career, as well as to the scholarly community and wider society. But before you do so, there are some important ethical considerations to remember.