STAR: supporting authors in emerging regions

Special Terms for Authors & Researchers (STAR) supports researchers in the Global South who don’t have access to the resources of a university or research institution, by giving them free access to journal articles. STAR users include independent researchers, retired academics, and professionals working for NGOs.

    To qualify for STAR you must be:

    • An independent researcher or practitioner (i.e. not affiliated to any educational, research, medical or governmental institution)

    • Based in one of the eligible STAR countries

    • Actively involved in research or currently authoring a publication

    What you need to know

    • Those in eligible countries can register for one voucher, per person, per year (check if STAR is available in your region).

    • Once you have registered for STAR, your access will be automatically applied to your account – you’ll then be able to start browsing the millions of articles on Taylor & Francis Online for free.

    • Every time you read an article for free, you’ll be shown your remaining allowances.

    • Your free access will expire after the 50th article, or 12 months after you’ve registered.

    • You will be able to request more accesses if you run out.

    STAR enables researchers to:

    • Enrich findings and update references.

    • Achieve higher levels of article acceptance.

    • Participate and contribute to debate in the worldwide academic community.

    • Undertake research in the Global South.

    Researching and preparing your work for submission can be challenging for authors and researchers who have fewer opportunities, whether financial, technological, or otherwise, to access journals – this is where STAR comes in.

    From supporting access to research through ‘Research4Life’ to running author workshops tailored to the needs of local researchers, learn more about the ways we’re supporting researchers in developing countries. 

    Register for STAR today

    The STAR registration is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience whilst we review and update the STAR offer.

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