Registering new names in biological databases

Taylor & Francis works with authors publishing new taxonomic descriptions to make sure that all articles follow the codes governing registration for their discipline. Please read the instructions for authors page of the journal you are submitting to for any specific requirements.

Zoological journals

Taylor & Francis supports the work of ZooBank, the Official Register of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). ZooBank provides an authoritative online, open-access, community-generated registry for zoological nomenclature, as a service to taxonomists, biologists, and the global biodiversity informatics community.

If you are the author of a zoological article that includes a nomenclatural act you will usually be encouraged to register publication of the article with ZooBank, once the article has been accepted by a journal and goes into production. Please include the DOI (digital object identifier) provided by the journal as part of your registration. Details of how to do this can be found on the ZooBank website.

ZooBank will then give you an LSID (life sciences identifier), which should be added to the text of your article at proof correction stage. You will also be asked to alert ZooBank when your article has published. Articles published in online-only journals must be registered with ZooBank to be considered published by the ICZN.

Mycological journals

MycoBank is the online repository and nomenclatural registry of the International Mycological Association. MycoBank provides a free service to the mycological and scientific society by databasing mycological nomenclatural novelties (new names and combinations) and associated data, such as descriptions, illustrations and DNA barcodes.

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Nomenclatural novelties are each given a unique MycoBank number to be cited in the article where the nomenclatural novelty is introduced, to conform with the requirements of the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants. For information about how to register new species please read the MycoBank guidance.

The MycoBank registration number should be added directly below the name of new taxon in your article. The new name will be available from the MycoBank website as soon as the original paper has been accepted for publication. Authors should confirm with MycoBank when the paper has been published to release the new name.

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