Launch of Key Policy Highlights

Supporting authors sharing scientific research with a non-scientific audience

We understand that it is increasingly important for authors to share the results of their scientific research with policy-makers. And we also know that communicating scientific research to a non-scientific audience comes with its challenges.

To help authors with this, we are launching Key Policy Highlights on selected journals across the Life, Earth & Environmental Sciences.

What are Key Policy Highlights?

Key Policy Highlights (KPH) communicate the significance of scientific research evidence in jargon-free and clear language, to a non-scientific audience. This audience includes policy-makers and professionals in nearby disciplines.

This pilot scheme offers authors (in participating journals) the option to publish a secondary abstract called ‘Key Policy Highlights’, as part of the scientific research paper.

The secondary abstracts should comprise of:

  • 3-5 bullet points

  • Approximately 100-150 words

The KPH should emphasize the main policy implications of the paper for a non-academic audience. This short overview will help authors clearly communicate their scientific research to a non-scientific audience.

Why should I include Key Policy Highlights?

By highlighting the policy relevance of research via Key Policy Highlights, you will:

  • Increase the journal’s readership particularly from a policy audience

  • Facilitate the uptake of original research into decision-making

Remember: check the journal’s Instructions for Authors (IFAs) to find the necessary information, to help you to include this secondary abstract in your manuscript.

    Additional resources

    Below are some additional resources to help authors to clearly communicate scientific research to a non-scientific audience.