Discover how to impact the world with your research

You know your research has the potential to change the world. To make sure you achieve real-world impact, relevant audiences have to engage and connect. Your next challenge after publication is to get the word out.

Whether your are an early career researcher on your first journal article, or later in your career, your curious mind may change the world.

Read on to find out how you can make an impact with your research.

Effect of English language on research 

English language is one of the major research and communication languages. We are aware of the emphasis placed on international researchers to publish in English. This has led to the increase in pressure to write and publish in English language.

Interacting with someone who doesn’t speak the same language is challenging, and written communication is even more difficult.

Do not worry if your first language is not commonly used within the research community. We can help you overcome language barriers by translating your journal article.

English language is desired for publishing to: 

  • Create opportunity for international recognition 
  • Improve career progression
  • Help create evidence-based policies at international level 
  • Communicate with journal editors and reviewers

Language is a key factor that influences communication. Good research is being done all over the world. Everyone loses out when language is a barrier to research being widely shared and understood by others. 

Choose us to translate your work with absolute accuracy.

Even if you choose not to publish with us, we have you covered

Don’t forget, you can choose Taylor & Francis Editing services even if you aren’t submitting to a Taylor & Francis journal. Our experts will review and refine your manuscript to meet any journal’s requirements. 

Real world motivation

There are important challenges to consider when pursuing your research career. Funding support, struggle to get published, uncertainty about your research future, and more.  

These issues can influence your research. To see the impact of your work you need to raise awareness. A good place to start is understanding the power of visibility.

Impact through visibility 

Research becomes visible when it builds interest. This interest can enhance your reputation and the impact of your research.  

Start by communicating your published article in an easy-to understand format. Represent it visually using images or video. This will appeal to a broader audience.

You can raise public awareness beyond your colleagues and peers with a good research communication approach. This is an investment to reach a broad and diverse audience.

With research visibility you can: 

  • Catch media attention 

  • Attract research collaboration 

  • Create funding interests.

Promotional solutions for your research 

Millions of peer-reviewed journal articles are published annually, making it hard to ensure that your latest research is recognized by those in your field. Our services can help you stand out from the crowd, framing your research in a way that captures attention and direct readers to your latest article.  

It is increasingly important for you to make your accomplishments stand out. Our mix of publication and communication services make it easy for your research to be discovered. 

Our research communication services can help: 

Increase the visibility of your research by showing the impact of your work to the world  


Generate interest by communicating your research with easy-to-understand language  


Attract and increase readership with an eye-catching representation of your research


Communicate your research to a wider audience with an engaging story 

Why researchers trust us

“I will use Taylor & Francis Editing Services again because I became more confident to publish in my chosen journal and my research paper was easily understood by many, especially academics, government officials and businesspeople”.

Dr Wiryanta Muljono
Sebelas Maret University, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
The Republic of Indonesia