Create, capture, and evaluate the impact of your research

A comprehensive free guide for researchers

Research impact is an important topic in the research world. Researchers (and funders and institutions) are interested in assessing the quality and impact of research. Every researcher wants their work to have an impact, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Below is a sneak peak of what to expect from this guide.

  • What is research impact?

There are many definitions of research impact. And based on the discipline, the type of impact that’s possible for a piece of research will vary considerably.

  • Why is research impact important?

It is important as a researcher to consider and make time for research impact – but why?

  • How is research impact achieved?

There is no set formula for achieving research impact, but we share some common themes you can build on to make your research as impactful as possible.

  • How do you boost the impact of your research?

In this section we share some practical tips that you can follow to help you boost the impact of your research.

  • How to measure research impact?

As a researcher you’ll be used to gathering facts and evidence to back up the claims you make. The same is likely to be true of the work you put into improving the impact of your research.

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