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Gold open access Green open access
Access The final published version of your article (or Version of Record) is permanently and freely available online for anyone, anywhere to read.  Also known as self-archiving, when you post an earlier version of your manuscript in repositories and online. 
Embargo periods Not usually required.  Usually required, unless publishing through an LIS journal. 
Fees An article publishing charge (APC) is usually applicable if you publish gold OA.  You can share your article without having to pay an APC. 
Who retains copyright? You, the author, retain copyright. The agreement includes the Creative Commons license of your choice. This dictates what others can do with your article once it’s published The copyright will usually sit with the publisher or affiliated society. Restrictions will apply to reuse.
What licensing should be used? Publish under a license with few or no restrictions on how people can reuse your work. Of course, they must still credit you if they do so.  You will need to check with the publisher. For Taylor & Francis journals, please see our recommendation for the license to use when sharing your Accepted Manuscript.