#tfPeerReview: catch up on our Twitter discussion

Missed our Peer Review Week Twitter discussion? You can still get the lowdown, with insights and tips whether you’re an author or reviewer from our panel of experts. Read our roundup of all the tweets now, with sage advice from journal editors and systems specialists in 140 characters or less.

Peer Review Week is here: celebrating and exploring peer review

As this year’s Peer Review Week arrives find out what we’re up to, including a special Twitter discussion, where you can ask our experts, plus resources and guidance on all aspects of peer review. And this Peer Review Week we’ve gone all visual as we turn peer review into pictures and go 'behind the scenes'.

Shining a light on public engagement in research

We’re exploring the theme of public engagement in research with a series of blog posts on different aspects of this vital topic. From use of social media to engaging patient groups, podcasts to traditional media, start reading now.

Journals regularly ‘call for papers’, asking for submissions within particular fields or focused on specific topics. Answering these is a great way to get published, ensuring your research fits a particular journal’s aims and scope. Below are just a few of our latest calls for papers. For a complete list go to our page, updated every month.

Go ‘behind the scenes’: it’s peer review in pictures

Peer review cartoon What happens to a paper after it is submitted to a journal? We’re beginning this year’s Peer Review Week by looking ‘behind the scenes’ of peer review to answer just this question. Find out about the lifecycle of a paper and see peer review in pictures, with a cartoon that explains it all…

All new Taylor & Francis Online: 10 favorite features for researchers

Taylor & Francis Online Taylor & Francis Online, home to over 2,400 online journals across Science, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, has been redesigned and reimagined, putting the needs of readers first. But what does that mean for people browsing the latest articles, or for those published in a Taylor & Francis or Routledge journal? We’ve gathered together our 10 favourite new features, so find out how the new platform will help to make searching and reading research more enjoyable, discoverable and shareable...

What can the media do for researchers?

 News Criteria What are the specific benefits of publicizing research through the media, and why should researchers make an effort to overcome barriers to communication and actively promote their findings? Here are six key reasons…