Research and the REF: complying with HEFCE’s OA policy

If you are a researcher based at a higher education institution in the UK you may know that the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has an open access policy that recently went into effect. Find out what you need to do to comply with it (and ensure your work is eligible for the next REF) when you publish in one of our journals.

ORCiD: a unique identifier that ensures you get credit for your research activities

Some of our journals are now requesting an ORCiD as standard during the online submission process. Find out about our ORCiD trial, plus how having one can benefit every researcher, and how simple it is to include your ORCiD when submitting a paper to a Taylor & Francis journal.

Celebrating Routledge author’s Ordre du Mérite Agricole

Bina Agarwal, editorial board member of Routledge’s Feminist Economics, has been appointed officer in France’s prestigious Order of Agricultural Merit. Browse Agarwal's articles in the field of agricultural economics (and with a specific emphasis on gender issues), all of which are now free to access in celebration of this achievement.

Journals regularly ‘call for papers’, asking for submissions within particular fields or focused on specific topics. Answering these is a great way to get published, ensuring your research fits a particular journal’s aims and scope. Below are just a few of our latest calls for papers. For a complete list go to our page, updated every month.

Understand the nuts and bolts of peer review

Sense About Science workshopTaylor & Francis is once again supporting Sense About Science’s workshops for early career researchers on peer review. Find out about the workshops, and how to book your place on the next one, with this guest post from Joanne Thomas, Sense About Science’s Project and Events Coordinator…

5 steps to improving your research visibility

Jenni LienWant to improve your brand as an early career researcher? It may be uncomfortable at first but being your own PR agency and learning how to self-promote can open up a new world of opportunities – even ones outside academia. We have five top tips to get you started…

PhD profiles: what are your digital research practices?

Sophia TettehHow do you manage your online research? How does that compare to what other post-doctoral researchers are doing? Read the second in our PhD profiles series as Sophia Tetteh tells us about her research focus, shares her online research journey, and tells us about its challenges…