5 key benefits of using an academic editing service

Constant research can make it difficult to detach from your work and properly review it with fresh eyes. There is always the possibility of grammatical errors or mistakes in data when you are intensely involved in the writing process.

You might be surprised at the errors an editor would detect that you may have missed. This is why the Taylor & Francis Editing Services website offers a range of pre-submission services to help get your manuscript ready for submission to its target journal.

By using an academic editing service, you will have your manuscript reviewed by an English language speaker and the language polished before submission. Read on to find out how using an academic editing service is a good way to increase the chances of being accepted by your chosen journal.

  1. Expert language editors eliminate errors

Poor quality English or an incorrectly presented manuscript are among the common reasons that articles submitted to academic journals are sometimes rejected. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your work is as polished as it can be before you submit.

This could be challenging if English is not your first language or you are not confident your manuscript meets your target journal’s rigorous requirements. Don’t risk a desk rejection, let us help you.

Over 60% of our language editing team has a research background and are subject matter experts. They understand your subject, relevant writing conventions, and terminology. Your research paper will be cleaned up, ensuring consistency and removal of redundancies through editing and proofreading for grammar, spelling and other common errors.

2. Quality guarantee that will gain a cutting edge

When you use Taylor & Francis Editing Services, you make your work easy to understand, comprehensive, and engaging. Our quality guarantee ensures that no document is rejected on the grounds of poor language or imperfect presentation.

Keep in mind that, if you are not delighted with the editing quality, we will rework your document until you are satisfied.

3. Customer service that gives valuable feedback

We believe that valuable feedback makes a better writer, that’s why our author feedback shows a high level of satisfaction with our customer service team.

You will learn to avoid making similar errors by looking at the writing process differently. We offer help and support at all stages of your writing journey.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via our contact form, or you can use our live chat feature for an instant response. Simply click the Chat with us button found on every webpage on Editing Services.

“After using Taylor & Francis Editing Services, the improved quality of English led to my article being accepted. I am likely to use the service again and would recommend it to other authors.”

Dr. Anita Gulczyńska, University of Łódź

            4. Fast turnaround that saves you time and effort

            We know how important your time is and we are proud of always meeting our deadlines. Our experts will edit and proofread your work quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort.

            Apart from ensuring clarity, coherence and the confident tone of your writing, our experts will improve your work and help you meet the required standard in good time. If your assignment is delayed by even one second, we promise to refund your full fee, no questions asked.

            5. Improved chance of acceptance

            Vector illustration of a pink light bulb, one character sat on top with their arms in the air, and two characters either side pointing at the light bulb with their arm stretched out.

            Another great benefit of investing in Taylor & Francis Editing Services is that you will be able to stand out with a well-crafted, clean and sound manuscript.

            Using an editing service means you save time for more research while we work on refining your manuscript so it’s ready for submission. While we can never guarantee it, our aim is to help improve the chances your work will be accepted.

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