10 trending open access articles 2021

Popular open access articles lead discussion on global topics

Research published open access (OA) is free for anyone to read, anywhere. That means it’s a great way to maximize the reach of your work, and why an increasing number of researchers choose open access.

With topics in our trending 10 spanning online working, vaccines, mental health, climate policies, and gender, it’s clear to see that open access means wider discussion and impact for research.

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1. Social media marketing gains importance after Covid-19

Andrew N. Mason, John Narcum, and Kevin Mason | Usama Awan (Reviewing editor)

“Social media is a salient source for influencing consumers’ shopping and buying behaviors as they share product reviews, service experiences, and/or product usage tips. […] the findings illustrate the impact that social media can have on consumer decision-making processes.”

Downloads in 2021: 53,038
Journal: Cogent Business & Management

2. Positive psychology in a pandemic: buffering, bolstering, and building mental health

Lea Waters, Sara B. Algoe, Jane Dutton, Robert Emmons, Barbara L. Fredrickson, Emily Heaphy, Judith T. Moskowitz, Kristin Neff, Ryan Niemiec, Cynthia Pury, and Michael Steger

“As the COVID-19 global health disaster continues to unfold across the world, calls have been made to address the associated mental illness public crisis. The current paper seeks to broaden these calls by considering the role that positive psychology factors can play in buffering against mental illness, bolstering mental health during COVID-19 and building positive processes and capacities that may help to strengthen future mental health.”

Downloads in 2021: 39,179
Journal: The Journal of Positive Psychology

3. Satisfaction with online learning in the new normal: perspective of students and faculty at medical and health sciences colleges

Wiam Elshami, Mohamed H. Taha, Mohamed Abuzaid, Coumaravelou Saravanan, Sausan Al Kawas, and Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla

Vector illustration of a blue laptop screen showing a male character pointing to a mathematical formula. On the bottom left side there is a male character sitting down on a chair with his laptop. On the right side is a lady sitting on a pile of 3 large books with a tablet in her hand.

“Online learning has become the new normal in many medical and health science schools worldwide, courtesy of COVID-19. Satisfaction with online learning is a significant aspect of promoting successful educational processes. This study aimed to identify factors affecting student and faculty satisfaction with online learning during the new normal.”

Downloads in 2021: 30,107
Journal: Medical Education Online

4. The Role of Background Knowledge in Reading Comprehension: A Critical Review

Reid Smith, Pamela Snow, Tanya Serry, and Lorraine Hammond

“The role of background knowledge has been a well-recognized and researched aspect of reading comprehension for the last four decades. Knowledge plays an integral role in most theories of reading, yet remains an under-addressed aspect of reading instruction for teachers.”

Downloads in 2021: 29,548
Journal: Reading Psychology

Vector illustration of a pink light bulb, one character sat on top with their arms in the air, and two characters either side pointing at the light bulb with their arm stretched out.

5. Effectiveness of inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccines against the Delta variant infection in Guangzhou: a test-negative case–control real-world study

Xiao-Ning Li, Yong Huang, Wen Wang, Qin-Long Jing, Chun-Huan Zhang, Peng-Zhe Qin, Wei-Jie Guan, Lin Gan, Yi-Lan Li, Wen-Hui Liu, Hang Dong, Yu-Tian Miao, Shu-Jun Fan, Zhou-Bin Zhang, Ding-Mei Zhang, and Nan-Shan Zhong

“The effectiveness of inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccines against the Delta variant, which has been associated with greater transmissibility and virulence, remains unclear. We conducted a test-negative case–control study to explore the vaccine effectiveness (VE) in real-world settings.”

Downloads in 2021: 28,374
Journal: Emerging Microbes & Infections

6. Weaponizing economics: Big Oil, economic consultants, and climate policy delay

Vector illustration of a woman character on the left hand holding a blue wheelbarrow with a large plant growing inside it. There is a male character on the right hand side holding up a plant pot.

“The role of particular scientists in opposing policies to slow and halt global warming has been extensively documented. The role of economists, however, has received less attention. Here, I trace the history of an influential group of economic consultants hired by the petroleum industry from the 1990s to the 2010s to estimate the costs of various proposed climate policies.”

Downloads in 2021: 26,904
Journal: Environmental Politics

7. Early approval of COVID-19 vaccines: Pros and cons

Md Arifur Rahman and Md Sayeedul Islam

“The development of safe and effective vaccines has been an overriding priority for controlling the 2019-coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. […] This perspective provides an overview of future directions and challenges in advancing promising vaccine platforms to widespread therapeutic use.”

Downloads in 2021: 26,193
Journal: Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

8. Emergent SARS-CoV-2 variants: comparative replication dynamics and high sensitivity to thapsigargin

Sarah Al-Beltagi, Leah V. Goulding, Daniel K.E. Chang, Kenneth H. Mellits, Christopher J. Hayes, Pavel Gershkovich, Christopher M. Coleman, and Kin-Chow Chang

“The struggle to control the COVID-19 pandemic is made challenging by the emergence of virulent SARS-CoV-2 variants. To gain insight into their replication dynamics, emergent Alpha (A), Beta (B) and Delta (D) SARS-CoV-2 variants were assessed for their infection performance in single variant- and co-infections.”

Downloads in 2021: 24,929
Journal: Virulence

Vector illustration of a pink disc, with a white tick in the middle.

9. When Cisgender, Heterosexual Men Feel Attracted to Transgender Women: Sexuality-Norm Violations Lead to Compensatory Anti-Gay Prejudice

Keon West , PhD, and Martha Lucia Borras-Guevara, PhD

Vector illustration of a pink disc, with a white heart in the middle.

“Cisgender, heterosexual men’s adherence to gender norms and prejudice against sexual minorities increases after observing sexuality-based gender norm violations of others (i.e., non-normative sexual attractions). […] This study investigated the effects of one such norm violation—attraction to transgender women—on adherence to gender roles and attitudes toward gay men.”

Downloads in 2021: 22,960
Journal: Journal of Homosexuality

10. Distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: students’ communication and collaboration and the role of social media

Ewelina Zarzycka, Joanna Krasodomska, Anna Mazurczak-Mąka, and Monika Turek-Radwan | Haina Jin (Reviewing editor)

“COVID-19 has led to an increase in the use of distance learning and social media for educational and communication purposes. The paper aims to investigate the factors that impact communication and collaboration in a distance learning environment in and outside of the virtual classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of social media in this process.”

Downloads in 2021: 21,345
Journal: Cogent Arts & Humanities

Vector illustration of an open laptop with pop out pictures of characters in a meeting.

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