Checking proofs

Once your article has been accepted and sent to our production department, it is entered into our Central Article Tracking System (CATS). It will then be copy-edited and typeset before it is sent to you as a proof. When your proofs arrive, please read the instructions and check them carefully.

What to look for

You will see some queries from the copy editor or the typesetter, and you should make sure that all these queries have been answered in the relevant place. Check your proofs against the original text for accuracy, and check that all figures, tables, etc. are in the right place and correct. (Spelling and punctuation in your article may have been altered by the copy editor to match the journal style.) It is your responsibility to check the proofs, and we can’t be held responsible for errors that remain in the published version. We will publish the article after you have sent us your corrections.

If there is a factual error or typographical error in the proofs, please correct this but do not rewrite the text. We don’t expect you to make more than 30 corrections at this stage.

If you are having problems uploading multiple correction files, e.g. an annotated PDF and replacement figure or image files, you can zip files together before uploading them to CATS.

Please contact your production editor if you have any queries about your proofs.

If you are using Adobe to correct your proofs, please read the detailed information on how to correct proofs with Adobe.

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