Corresponding authors based in a country where international banking restrictions apply

Taylor & Francis Editorial Policies

Taylor & Francis Group welcomes content from researchers from across the globe. Our journals cover a range of business models, including subscription, hybrid and gold Open Access. To find more details on these models read our quick guide to open access publishing definitions. This enables us to support authors, providing a home for all sound research irrespective of their financial circumstances or geographical limitations.

As a global company, and part of the Informa Group, Taylor & Francis complies with international trade law*, which means we are unable to accept payment from people and organisations in some countries due to current banking restrictions.

A number of our journals operate on an article publishing charge (APC) model, whereby the author or their institution is sent an invoice to pay an APC when their paper is accepted, following rigorous, editorially independent peer review.

However, we are unable to issue invoices or take any payment from authors based in certain countries where international sanctions are currently in place, due to banking restrictions being in force.

Where the sanctioned country is classified as low income by the World Bank and has a gross domestic product (GDP) of less than 100 billion US dollars, authors will be offered a waiver under our standard policy, which supports researchers in low income countries to publish open access.

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For corresponding authors from a sanctioned country, where waivers are not applicable based on World Bank income classifications, alternate journals will be suggested. Their original journal submission will be withdrawn, and they will have the choice to re-submit to one of these alternate options or withdraw their paper from Taylor & Francis Group all together.

In all circumstances, researchers will receive timely communications to ensure there is no delay in their research progressing through the publishing process, whilst also supporting them in having relevant, appropriate publication choices.

This list of countries is under regular review to ensure this policy only applies to those countries where current banking restriction are in place.

* Pg.14, ‘International trade sanctions’