Zero-embargo green open access for Archives and Library & Information Science journals

This is a Taylor & Francis initiative, across our Library and Information Science journals and Archives list. It enables authors to make their work green open access with no embargoes applied.

What does this mean?

Authors who choose to publish in these journals are no longer asked to assign copyright to the publisher. Instead, they sign a license to publish, which allows Taylor & Francis to publish the Version of Record.

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Additionally, authors can choose to post their Accepted Manuscript (AM) to any subject or institutional repository immediately upon publication. There is no requirement to wait until the end of an embargo period before this version is available for others to read.

The Accepted Manuscript (AM) is the version of your article that has been through peer review and accepted by a journal editor.

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This means you can post your AM to subject or institutional repositories, as well as to your personal or departmental websites, as soon as your article is published. This includes posting to Facebook, Google groups, and LinkedIn, and linking from Twitter.

Linking your article versions

To encourage citation of your work we recommend that you insert a link from your posted AM to the published article on Taylor & Francis Online with the following text:

“This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in [JOURNAL TITLE] on [date of publication], available online:[Article DOI].”

For example:

This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis Group in Africa Review on 17/04/2018, available online:

Using the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) will create a link to the Version of Record on Taylor & Francis Online.

For a list of all other Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals with green open access embargo periods and license options, visit the open access cost finder page.

Journals included in this initiative (Library & Information Science and Archives)

Read our quick guide to open access publishing definitions here.