Understanding CrossMark

What is it and how does it work?

At Taylor & Francis, we want to make sure everyone can read your research safe in the knowledge that they are reading the latest, approved version of the article. That’s why we’ve  added the CrossMark logo to the published version of record for all articles published on our journal platform, Taylor & Francis Online. But what is CrossMark? And how can it help you as an author?

What is CrossMark?

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CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative from CrossRef. It provides a standard way for readers to locate the authoritative version of a document. We recognize the importance of the integrity and completeness of the scholarly record to researchers and librarians. The CrossMark indicator informs the reader of the current status of a document and provides additional information about its publication record at the click of a button.

  • How it works

We have added the CrossMark logo to the version of record for all published documents. Clicking on the CrossMark icon will inform the reader of the current status of a document and additional publication record information, such as funding information and author ORCiDs (if available). As an author, this gives your work an extra level of authenticity.

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  • What does it look like?

The CrossMark logo will appear on the title page of every published document:

  • Can corrections be made to articles after they’ve been published?

While we always try to produce articles that are perfect, sometimes corrections are necessary. Further details about this process are included on the corrections page of this website along with our correction policy. If a correction has been made to a published article this will be noted in the CrossMark information.