Sport science & medicine journals network

How you can easily transfer your rejected manuscript to another journal in the network

Journal networks are a new feature of our popular article transfers program. If you’ve received an invitation to transfer your manuscript, read on to find out how the sport science & medicine journals network can save you time.

What is a journals network?

This is a group of journals within a subject area, working together to help every researcher find the perfect home for their article.

The most common reason a submitted article is rejected is because it doesn’t fit with the journal’s aims and scope. When that happens, a Taylor & Francis journals network ensures that transferring your submission to a suitable journal is as smooth as possible.

Vector illustration showing a checklist, person with a magnifying glass, mug of hot drink to show the different elements of peer review.

How it works

  1. Submit your manuscript to your chosen journal in the network.

  2. After receiving your submission, the handling editor will evaluate whether their journal is right for your submission.

  3. Sometimes the editor will unfortunately decide that your article is not suitable, either immediately (a desk reject) or after peer review. If this happens, they will inform you of their decision and will also let the Taylor & Francis transfers team know.

  4. If you are eligible for a transfer, you will receive an email from the Taylor & Francis transfers team listing a number of journals from the network that may be suitable for your manuscript.

  5. Once you have reviewed the suggested journals, reply to the email confirming which one you’d like to transfer your submission to.

  6. The transfers team will then arrange for your manuscript to be transferred to the new journal.

If you decide that none of the journals in the network are right for your article, our transfers team can work with you to find a journal that is, based on your criteria.