STAR: supporting authors in emerging regions

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“I think that STAR will revolutionize the field of research through its dissemination … where the access facilities are limited.”

Researcher based in Pakistan

Special Terms for Authors & Researchers (STAR) is a Taylor & Francis initiative, developed to provide individual researchers in emerging regions with 31 days’ free access to our leading international and regional journals in over thirty subject areas.

Supporting authorsResearching and preparing your work for submission can be challenging for authors and researchers who have fewer opportunities, whether financial, technological, or otherwise, to access journals – this is where STAR comes in.

This “access all areas” coverage enables researchers to:

  • enrich findings and update references
  • achieve higher levels of article acceptance
  • participate and contribute to debate in the worldwide academic community
  • undertake research in emerging countries

STAR: what you need to know

  • STAR uses a flexible voucher system: once registered, authors can activate the voucher any time it is needed within a year.
  • Those in eligible countries can register for one voucher, per person, per year (see if STAR is available in your region).
  • Coverage spans the arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and biological and physical sciences.

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Dissemination and access: initiatives for authors wherever they are in the world

Taylor & Francis, a founder member of Publishers for Development, is committed to the widest possible distribution of its journals to non-profit institutions in developing countries.

We’re involved in a number of initiatives that aim to increase the dissemination of research from emerging nations, and to bring these articles to the global academic community.

Through agreements with worldwide organizations, academics and researchers in more than 110 countries can access vital research material, at greatly reduced or no cost. Some of the initiatives we are involved with include: