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Enhance your corporate research experience

We know how critical it is to you and your organization to get your latest research published in a high quality, peer-reviewed journal.

We’ve published research for thousands of researchers across medicine, health, pharmaceutical science and beyond. We are the ideal partner to work with you through this essential part of the go-to-market process.

Our mix of publication and communication services make it easy for you to:

  • Publish quickly without sacrificing quality in peer review
  • Share your innovations far and wide
  • Effectively communicate the importance of your findings to all audiences

Trust us to support you through the publication process and meet your goals. Read on to find out how we can help with your corporate research.

Wondering how Taylor & Francis can support you – and fit your budget?

Rapid publication success

Scientific research articles are particularly time sensitive because of the pressure to be the first. The need to reach a wide audience as quickly as possible can be a challenge in your publication plan.

To coordinate your corporate research with key events such as conferences, drug approvals, product launches etc., it helps to be in control of the publication timeline.

Here’s how we can help if time is critical in your publishing strategy.

Our Accelerated Publication option will get your research into a high-quality, peer-reviewed journal, fast.

With Accelerated Publication you can:

  1. Gain a competitive advantage by making your research available quickly in a high impact publication
  2. Get confidential expert guidance to make sure your research is publication ready
  3. Speed up the peer-review process without sacrificing quality or trust; acceptance is always based on editorial considerations
  4. Coordinate your publishing schedule with key events

You can start by exploring the journals offering accelerated publication. Also, visit the journal’s homepage at Taylor & Francis Online for instructions for authors and specific information about Accelerated Publication submissions.

Your Accelerated Publication guide

How research transparency builds trust

There is a growing need for more accuracy, speed, and transparency in corporate research. You have done the hard work to make sure your research is accurate, don’t stop there. Openness and accessibility of your research will build trust and engagement.

Boost your reputation, attract funding opportunities, and get the attention of your peers, policymakers, and the media by considering open access publishing.

Publishing open access means your research will benefit from:

  • No barriers to visibility and discoverability
  • Freedom to share important work while retaining copyright 
  • Legacy preservation of articles 
  • Compliance with mandates for transparency and openness 
  • Rigorous peer review

How to publish open access

Have a look through our directory of open access journals to find the right journal for your research. You can select either a full open access journal or an open select (hybrid) journal, which publishes both open access and subscription articles.

For the current article publishing charge and open access options across all Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals, visit our easy to use cost finder

Open access can also be combined with Accelerated Publication on select journals. Get your important findings to reach the widest possible audience in as little as 3 weeks from submission.

Discover how to increase the visibility of your research

After publishing your research, getting the word out becomes the priority to make sure your findings reach the relevant audiences.

Having a proper plan and the right tools to increase your research visibility will maximize your impact. As well as being critical for meeting the commercial goals for your research, it can also increase your chances for collaboration, funding, and influence.

Your marketing campaign needs to include a communication strategy targeted to fellow researchers, the media, and potential customers. Attract and increase interest in your research with shareable and easy-to-understand materials, tailored to your target audiences.

Even if you don’t publish with us, we can help:


Increase visibility of your research by showing the impact of your work to the world


Attract and increase readership with an eye-catching representation of your research


Generate interest by communicating your research with easy-to-understand language


Communicate your research to a wider audience with an engaging story

What to expect from us

Our team of subject specialists will work alongside your organization every step of your publication journey.

Thousands of researchers we partner with are confident in us. We have a reputation for upholding good publication practice. We achieve this through rigorous peer review and ethical publishing by complying with ICMJECOPE and GPP-3 guidelines.