Becoming a book reviewer

Picture of Jessica FeinsteinJessica Feinstein, Knowledge and Learning Manager (Journals), Taylor & Francis

Writing book reviews is often a good way to begin academic writing. It can help you get your name known in your field, and give you valuable experience of publishing before you write a full-length article.

If you would like to write a book review for one of our journals, you can browse the journals on Taylor & Francis Online, using the subject listings. When you have found a journal that’s suitable for you, you can check whether it includes book reviews by browsing the table of contents, or by seeing if a book review editor is listed on the editorial board (on the individual journal page select “About this journal” and “Editorial board” – see a sample page).

You can then contact the book review editor of the journal directly and offer to write a review for them. The book review editor will send you some guidelines and you can then start reviewing (and writing).