Expert Collection

Original Research: Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs

Contributions are welcomed in the form of original research papers reporting the results of early or late stage clinical investigations or HE/OR data on orphan drugs and studies in the treatment of rare diseases. Prior publication: Expert Opinion will only consider work that has not been previously published in full. Abstract, poster or oral presentations do… Read more »

Drug Evaluations: Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy

Scope: Drug Evaluations must review the clinical data on an approved indication (where relevant), including a review of new efficacy and safety data and emerging pharmacoeconomic data where available. The purpose of the Drug Evaluation is to promote best practice in use of the drug. For launched drugs the information should be limited to approved… Read more »


Pharmaprojects is a weekly-updated, enterprise-wide competitor intelligence and R&D (research and development) monitoring service, providing validated, integrated and evaluated information on all aspects of drug development, from first patent application to launch or discontinuation. Pharmaprojects is published by Informa Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. Authors writing for Expert Collection journals are encouraged to… Read more »

Meeting Highlights

Word limit: The word limit for Meeting Highlights is 1,000-1,500 words (not including abstract, conference details and references). Every article must contain: Conference details: title, date and location. Abstract: an overview of the meeting (200 words maximum). Body of the article: should include summary of important presentations by particular speakers, with particular reference to novel drugs… Read more »