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How do I publish with Taylor & Francis?

First, choose the journal that is most appropriate for your research and will reach the right readership. Make sure your article is suitable by reading the aims and scope of the journal. Include all the requirements that are included in the instructions for authors while you’re writing your paper, then click on the green “Submit an article” button to make your submission.

The editor of the journal will decide whether to take your article forward, which is when it will enter peer review. After peer review (which may require you to complete some revisions), your article will hopefully be accepted and enter the production process. Once your article is published, it can be found on Taylor & Francis Online, and you can start to promote it and build your research impact.

Our step-by-step guide takes you through all the stages in more detail.

Which Taylor & Francis journal should I submit to?

Choosing the right journal for your research will give you a better chance of your article being accepted, so it’s important to spend time reviewing your options. The most important piece of information you should read for any journal you’re interested in is the Aims and Scope, which will tell you what the purpose of the journal is and what types of articles it publishes. You can find the Aims and Scope for all our journals on Taylor & Francis Online.

Tools can help too. Try the Taylor & Francis Journal Suggester to help you find the best home for your research article.

Also see our Choosing a journal FAQs for more questions on this topic.

My article is currently in peer review. What is its status?

You will be able to view the status of your article in the Author Centre of the submission system you used to submit your article. You can find a link to the relevant Author Centre on the journal’s Instructions for Authors page on Taylor & Francis Online.

How does peer review work?

Peer review involves the assessment of your research and scholarly work by experts in your field. These experts will evaluate the validity, quality, and suitability for publication.

Read our author’s guide on understanding peer review to find out more about the peer review process.

How do I follow up on a journal submission?

You can send an email directly to the journal Editorial Office from the submission system if you have any queries about your manuscript.

How do I access my authored works?

Your articles will be listed in the Authored Works section of your account on Taylor & Francis Online. To access Authored Works, simply:

  1. Log in to Taylor & Francis Online

  2. Select Your account from the top menu

  3. Select Account settings

  4. Find Authored Works as an option in the left-hand menu

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