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Writing your paper

How should I structure my manuscript?

Read your target journal’s instructions for authors to know the expected requirements.

Also, take time to look through a selection of articles already published in the journal to see how they are structured.

Can I publish a paper from my thesis?

Yes, from our perspective you can submit a paper that is derived from your thesis. But check your organization’s policy regarding this. It would also be a good idea to mention this to the Editor during the submission process.

What is the maximum number of words I can use in my research paper?

Maximum number of words varies by journal and can be found on each journal’s instructions for authors page. If a word limit is not specified, you can assume that the editors do not have a strong preference. However, you should still write your article in a concise way, leaving out anything which is unnecessary.

Is there an article template in Word or LaTeX?

Yes, Word and (if available) LaTeX templates are available for many of our journals, ready for you to download and apply to your document. You can find links to these in your chosen journal’s instructions for authors.

Read our guide on how to format and use Taylor & Francis templates for your research paper.

Can I use someone else’s figure in my article?

Yes, but for all third-party material you need to make sure you seek permission from the rights holder or relevant body.

Please read our guide on obtaining permission to use a third-party material in your article.

How do I get permission to use a figure?

You must obtain written permission to include material that is owned and held in copyright by a third party. For full details about what material this includes and how to get permission, read our comprehensive guide to using third-party material in your article.

How should I prepare my manuscript and files for publishing?

It’s important to get this right as incorrect formatting may delay peer review or sometimes cause rejection. To know what the journal requirements are, please read your target journal’s instructions for authors.

An increasing number of Taylor & Francis journals have format-free submission. This means that, as long as your article is consistent and includes everything necessary for review, you can submit your work without needing to worry about formatting your manuscript to meet that journal’s requirements. The instructions for authors for your chosen journal will tell you whether it operates format-free submission.

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