Introducing a simple way to submit your bioRxiv preprint to a journal

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Introducing a simple way to submit your bioRxiv preprint to a journal

New pilot makes manuscript submission easier

Are you a researcher in life sciences? Do you post your research on the preprint server, bioRxiv?

Then you might be interested to hear about our new pilot. This allows you to transfer unpublished preprints from bioRxiv directly to a journal’s online submission system. This simple system will save you time when submitting your paper. Read on to find out how it works and which journals are included in the pilot.

What is bioRxiv?

bioRxiv (pronounced “bio-archive”) is an online archive for unpublished preprints in the life sciences. Posting preprints on bioRxiv allows you to make your findings available to the scientific community and receive feedback on earlier draft manuscripts before you submit your article to a journal.

With this new pilot you can directly transfer your manuscript and its metadata from bioRxiv as a journal submission to a number of Taylor & Francis journals. You’ll no longer have to re-load manuscript files or data such as co-author names, which should save you time.

See how the process works in this video walk-through.

You’ll simply need to click on the ‘Submit to a journal’ link and select a journal from the list. bioRxiv will send you an email from your Author Centre to check final submission details and then your paper will go through to peer review as usual, provided we have all the details we need to proceed.

Which journals are participating?

Initially you’ll be able to choose to submit your preprint to the following Taylor & Francis journals from the bioXiv platform:

For more information on submitting your preprint to bioXiv, see bioRxiv’s FAQ page.