Making a clear link between clinical trials and journal articles

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Making a clear link between clinical trials and journal articles

A new Taylor & Francis Online feature connects your published research reports with associated trial registrations

If there’s a registered clinical trial associated with your research article, a new Taylor & Francis Online feature makes this connection clear for readers. Using Crossref Linked Clinical Trials, we’ll establish a permanent link between your published article and any trials it reports on.

We now share details about clinical trial registrations with PubMed and Crossref, which improves the discoverability of your work. The increased transparency also supports reproducibility of published results.

When readers click the ‘Crossmark’ logo underneath an article title, a popup lists the clinical trials relating to that article. It also includes details of other articles related to those clinical trials, helping readers discover the network of reports about the trial data you’ve used.

Clicking Crossref logo for trail registration link

How it works

  • You should always ensure that you register protocols for clinical trials you’re involved with in a publicly accessible registry. A list of eligible registries can be found on the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP). Trials can also be registered at Clinical or the EU Clinical Trials Register. Once registered, your trial will be assigned a clinical trial number (CTN).
  • Before you submit your research article to a Taylor & Francis journal, please include clinical trial numbers and registration dates in the manuscript, usually in the abstract and methods sections. (N.B. Please don’t include trial registration details in the anonymized version of your manuscript if you’re submitting to a journal with double-anonymous peer review.)
  • When your article is published, we will deposit metadata about the associated clinical trials with Crossref and PubMed, along with lots of other information about your article.
  • Users of Taylor & Francis Online can find the details of trial registration, as well as any other articles associated with those trials, by clicking the Crossmark logo on the article page.