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Understanding the basics of publishing Open Access

Get the answers with our factsheets

You’ve drafted that paper, are thinking about submitting it to a journal, but would like to know more about publishing Open Access (OA). Where do you start?

We receive questions from researchers all around the world on publishing OA; at workshops, at conferences, to our Author Services inbox, and even via social media.

So, to help you understand what Gold and Green OA means when you choose a Taylor & Francis journal, what the benefits of publishing OA can be, what the difference between a full and hybrid journal is, and what your choices are at Taylor & Francis, we’ve put together two quick factsheets so you can get the answers you need.

Publishing OA headingPublishing open access – the basics

Read this quick factsheet to understand why you should consider publishing OA, what Green and Gold OA options we offer, and what an Open and Open Select journal is.

OA and funding factsheet headingOpen access and funding – the basics

Not sure what an article publishing charge is, if funding is available to you, or what requirements you need to think about? You’ll find the answers (plus a little more) in our OA funding factsheet.